best daily beauty routine on face

best daily beauty routine on face  

best daily beauty routine on face
best daily beauty routine on face  
Facial care is the most important part of the routine for a flawless complexion. In the morning, the skin is prepared for make-up and cleaned in the evening of make-up and dirt. And who knows, with the right skin care you might not need any makeup after some time ... For a radiant, healthy and wrinkle-free skin, the right face care is definitely the alpha and omega.

Facial Care Routine

The routine is very important in the care. Of course, you need a bit to develop it, but once you've found a course that you feel comfortable with, you should keep that for a longer time. This does not only apply to processes, but also to products. Do not change your products too much, if you find something that works for your skin, stick with it.
It is also often said that one should stay in one line with the various care products, ie at a brand - but if something else proves good, then stay with your routine. A routine helps the skin to adjust to the products. If you constantly change them and try new things, then that stresses the skin or overwrought them, so that impurities can first arise.


Cleansing is the first step in your care ritual. It frees the skin of bacteria and impurities that accumulate on the face and prepares them for further care. Because after cleaning, the pores are clear and clear and the skin can take care products much better. In addition, the gentle massaging of cleansing products ensures better blood circulation to the skin, making it look radiant and fresher.
In any case, you should cleanse the skin in the morning and in the evening, because in the morning dead skin cells are removed and the skin is optimally prepared for care and make-up and in the evening dirt and make-up of the day entfernt.Für the cleaning, there are gels, Foam, milk or scrubs. It is best to decide on the type of skin indicated on the packaging, which product is most suitable.
Depending on the product, make-up removal and skin cleanse individual steps, but there are also combined products. After cleaning, the skin should be clarified with a tonic, which also removes the last residues, such as lime from tap water.

face brush

Face brushes can be a real miracle weapon for glowing skin. It is used for cleaning, it removes dead skin layers and stimulates blood circulation. It also massages your skin and has a peeling effect. It is best to apply the brush once a day in the evening to intensively cleanse the face before going to bed.
But beware: For very blemished skin and acne, the brush is not suitable, because it can rupture pimples, delaying the healing and even cause inflammation. Also, you should not use the brush more often than it really tolerates the skin, so only speak so often that the skin shows no redness or other negative reactions.


Face masks are as popular as they are varied. The fact is: Every woman uses it and always has her favorite product at home. And with all the stresses and strains that our skin is exposed to every day, you just need a mask regularly. These can either cleanse the skin intensively or provide hydration, as needed.
For dry skin, the latter is recommended because masks are often excellent moisturizers thanks to their ingredients. Aloe vera or avocado in a mask is ideal for dry skin. Oily and oily skin needs pore-reducing masks, such as zinc or healing clay, which also have an anti-inflammatory effect on impurities.
Also tea tree oil or sea salt can have a positive effect on blemished skin, as they clarify the complexion. In front of a mask, you should cleanse the face thoroughly. Then wear the mask according to the instructions and let it work for the specified time (usually 10-15 minutes). Some masks are made to peel off as they dry completely, others are easily removed with a tissue, the remainders are massaged like a cream into the skin. Here are masks in the test:

Creams: day & night

Facial creams are the most important part of facial care with cleaning. They are the actual care products. A face cream should be perfectly adapted to the skin type and moisturize the skin, but not clog the pores. That's why the right amount is crucial: If the skin afterward feels greasy and the cream does not move properly, then it was obviously too much.
You should also apply a face cream very carefully, so that you do not strain the skin too much, especially around the eyes never rub, but pat in gently with a finger. A good day cream moisturizes and can even act as a make-up base, an SPF should also be included. From cheap to high end and luxury, there are creams in all price ranges.
If the skin is particularly demanding, a more expensive cream is recommended, which cares intensively, for example, from the pharmacy. Robust skin, which needs only a little moisture, but you can also easily maintain with a cream from the drugstore - rich creams are there almost too much of a good. If you have a healthy skin, then do not strain it with too much care - otherwise, she can no longer alone and needs more and more products.
For the night, the woman also needs a good night cream. Because at night, the skin regenerates and with the right care you can help her. Starting at 6 pm, the skin's metabolism will kick in, the skin will be better supplied with blood and cell damage will be remedied faster. To support these processes, a night cream is best. Care products are the best way to penetrate the skin at night, as it replenishes its collagen and antioxidant stores at night most quickly.


Oil for every skin type? Sounds funny at first? But it is not! Because oils can do something for every skin type thanks to their often very different components. There are paraffin-based oils that protect the skin against external influences, and vegetable oils that tend to care for and penetrate deeper into the skin.
It differentiates vegetable oils again into dry and non-dry oils, the former quickly penetrate into the skin, the latter only partially penetrate and leave a thin film on the skin. Sensitive skin especially needs help in strengthening the natural skin barrier. In addition, she is quickly irritated and easily reacts to redness. Jojoba, evening primrose, currant, almond, camellia and borage seed oils are best for sensitive skin.
Dry skin, on the other hand, needs care and hydration, as well as fatty acids and lipids that help the skin to keep the moisture better. The best are argan, pomegranate, wild rose, almond, macadamia nut and olive oil.
But also oily and oily skin can be improved by oils - As absurd as that sounds. But many oils help to heal pimples and support problem skin. The following oils are not comedogenic, so do not clog your pores!
Oils can be used both as a moisturizer on the face slightly moistened after washing or as intensive care overnight.


Serums are the new all-rounders in the world of cosmetics. They are attributed to a variety of skills, they should tighten, moisten, matt and fight wrinkles. They usually consist of highly concentrated antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, and skin proteins. So their effect is much stronger than that of a normal cream.
Serums penetrate very deep into the skin, deeper than any cream, so they should always be applied under the care cream so that they are not separated by the cream from the skin. Serums are available for every skin problem and they should always be adapted to the specific needs of the skin - which can change with seasonal changes. A serum is usually relatively expensive, but also very fertile and currently the best remedy for the firm and healthy skin.

Tips & tricks for facial care

best daily beauty routine on face
best daily beauty routine on face  

  • Enough sleep: During sleep, the skin can rest and is not constantly exposed to external influences. Small pimples often disappear overnight and even redness can go back.
  • Sport: Who does sports, promotes circulation - Also on the face. This stimulates the skin to heal and regenerate itself.
  • Drink a lot: Because your skin needs moisture, otherwise it will quickly turn pale and sleep. Moisture should come not only from the outside through creams and products but especially from the inside.
  • Protect yourself: Sun protection is an important foundation for beautiful skin. Because of direct UV radiation, you get overtime pigment spots - In addition, you have an increased skin cancer risk.
  • Stay away: Do not touch your face all the time! Your hands pick up bacteria that you then spread on your skin - Not good!
  • Wash your hands: If you can not leave it in the face, then at least with clean fingers. Some people just brush hair out of their forehead or scratch a mosquito bite - Whatever it is, wash your hands regularly.
  • Change your pillowcase: Yes, that must be regular anyway. But maybe you do not do it often enough? Because on your pillow collects skin remnants, bacteria and dust, which can get well on your unprotected skin at night.
  • Make-up removal: We've heard it a thousand times, but make-up removal is and remains the most important thing for your skin. Under the make-up the skin cannot breathe and clog the pores, so never go to bed with make-up!
  • Hot shower: In the morning there is nothing better than a hot shower. However, you should never keep your face straight into the beam - it's way too hard for your skin. It is better to gently dab water in your face with your hands. For very dry skin, you should also take care not to make the water quite so hot.
Natural facial care
 Even if high-quality creams care for particularly demanding skin, one can resort to completely natural remedies. If you find that creams may irritate your skin too much and you want to focus on natural care, these tips will help you:

  • Coconut oil: Stars like Candice Swanepoel swear by coconut oil. It can be used for make-up removal and cleansing, but also as a face care and intensive treatment overnight. The oil is antibacterial and helps to heal pimples and can even visibly improve acne. Coconut oil also helps against wrinkles because it moisturizes the skin. Even skin diseases we eczema or psoriasis can be fought with the precious oil and relieve.
  • Lemon: Especially unbeatable in the morning - lemon juice! Clean your face with some freshly squeezed lemon juice. First of all, this is a real freshness kick and second, lemon disinfects impurities and dries pimples. Even in a mask, you can use the soothing effect of lemon - Mix a little lemon juice with cottage cheese and honey and wear this for 10-15 minutes on the face

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