Top-7 Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes

7 basic mistakes of "proper nutrition" and how to avoid them

Top-7 Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes
Top-7 Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes 
Widespread image of a modern girl, slender, athletic, successful in work, and in her personal life - the strongest motivation for self-improvement. However, despite the diversity of fitness and food blogs, which discuss the rules of a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition, girls still admit the same mistakes. As a result, the desire for an ideal figure is reduced to zero, and treacherous kilograms remain in their places. Consider seven major errors that prevent weight loss.

1. The use of a large number of plant foods to the detriment of protein

Vegetables and fruits are very useful - this is beyond doubt. They contain both vitamins and a large amount of dietary fiber, useful for digestion. However, everything is good in moderation, and make up your diet only from vegetables and fruits, hoping for a quick and healthy weight loss, it's not worth it. Deficiency of protein does not have a better effect on muscle tone, skin tug, and also leads to hormonal disorders and internal organs. The general state of health, memory, immunity worsens. Strangely enough, but the process of losing weight, too, will not accelerate - he will be hindered by a constant feeling of hunger. Of course, many legumes contain a vegetable protein that can replace animal protein. But if you decide to lose weight and at the same time firmly abandon the animal protein, the diet should be very careful.

2. Fruit for the night

Fruits, freshly squeezed juices, and smoothies do not overload the stomach and at the same time create a feeling of satiety. That is why some people think that their use at night will be useful and will positively affect the process of losing weight. This is not quite true. First, an excess of dietary fiber before bed can cause bloating and flatulence - thus, a sleepless night is assured to you. Secondly, the use of certain acidic fruits (oranges, sour apples, kiwi, etc.) will provoke excessive production of gastric juice, and as a result, heartburn. Thirdly, glucose, which is not used as an energy source, is stored "in reserve" on the sides, tummy, and thighs.

3. Large breaks at meals

When a dietitian advises reducing the amount of food, this does not mean that from now on you need 1-2 times a day. This only means reducing the number of servings and eating fractional, at short intervals of 4-5 hours. After all the less often you eat, the less chance to lose weight: large breaks between food provoke an uncontrolled feeling of hunger, which in turn causes overeating. Ideally, meals should be 4, but between them, small snacks are allowed. This order of nutrition helps not to overload the digestive tract, to avoid sudden jumps in blood sugar, while the food is fully absorbed and processed, and the feeling of hunger does not interfere during the day.

4. Unplanned diet

Proper nutrition is first and foremost a reasonable and regular consumption of food. To observe the norm of calories per day, the diet should be planned for 1-2 days in advance. And it is better for a week. This will help avoid unreasonable spending, save the budget and accustom yourself to the right and varied nutrition, depending on the season, the availability of free time and personal preferences.

5. Too much liquid

"You need to drink more for losing weight!" Yes, it is. But it's drinking ordinary, pure still water. The fact is that such drinks as coffee, tea, juice, kvass, smoothies, more, milk, Keefer, and others - are perceived by the body as food. In some of them (for example, black tea without sugar) there are practically no calories. But a small cup of cappuccino contains more than 100 calories, and a few such cups a day - a serious hindrance to harmony. Of course, you should not at all give up these drinks, but you should, first, take into account their calorie intake in the diet and, secondly, do not forget that pure water should be sure to drink at least 1.5-2 liters per day

6. Chicken breast as the only source of animal protein

Of course, it is a source of easily digestible, useful protein, besides it is easy and quick to prepare. But not only the chicken breast is useful for weight loss - lean beef also contains little fat, while more vitamins B and iron. In the end, there is only one chicken breast can soon get bored: the body wants diversity. Therefore, you can not be afraid to include in your low-calorie diet and beef tenderloin, and back. The main thing is to cook them properly: bake them or make them on the grill. As a source of animal protein, fish - canned tuna, halibut, tilapia

7. Best breakfast - muesli and a glass of fresh

Muesli, orange fresh and a glass of coffee. Perfect breakfast - but only on a photo of a food blogger. In fact, such a set of products has nothing to do with proper nutrition. Muesli is a product of industrial production, often containing dried fruits, candied fruits, that is, a lot of sugar and fast carbohydrates. Hardly such a breakfast even dressed with natural yogurt, can be considered very healthy. Fresh and coffee on an empty stomach contribute to the active production of gastric juice, which greatly irritates the mucous. After such a breakfast, you will want to eat after 1.5-2 hours. It is much more correct to combine for breakfast a dish that includes complex carbohydrates and protein. For example, a portion of Herculean porridge plus a handful of cottage cheese, an omelet or a protein bar
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