10 reasons why you do not lose weight

10 reasons why you do not lose weight

10 reasons why you do not lose weight
10 reasons why you do not lose weight
"I eat right and go to training. But I'm not losing weight! "- it does not happen? Of course, it happens. In the process of losing weight, sometimes there are mistakes that slow the transformation from a pupa into a butterfly. Analyze your behavior: maybe, for the reasons listed below, your weight cannot get off the ground?

The first reason: there is no calorie deficit

Regular exercise helps burn calories. However, the most common mistake of weight loss lies in the fact that by increasing physical activity, we quietly start and eat more. Sometimes this happens unconsciously. But it also happens that we know and justify our errors in nutrition, comforting ourselves with the phrase: "Tomorrow I'll work out everything in the gym".

What to do?

The process of losing weight is inhibited since the necessary caloric deficit is not created. By consuming energy, you consume it in the same volume. You should definitely monitor your diet: indulgences are permissible, but if they do not become a system.

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The second reason: a sedentary lifestyle

If you spend the whole day sitting in the office at the computer (or at home in front of the TV), even despite regular visits to the gym, your lifestyle is considered inactive. That's why the body spends little energy and fat stores remain in place

What to do?

Slimming is not enough 2-3 workouts a week is not enough, if you sit for 6-8 hours a day. Try and make other efforts to "stir up" your metabolism. For example, every day walk on the street, give up the elevator and escalator. In the office, try not to sit all day on the spot - often get up, go to colleagues in another department instead of talking to them using a messenger or phone. Limit the time in front of the TV, or try to do some simple exercises, while watching it - twist the hoop, do a "bicycle", etc.

The third reason: the growth of muscle tissue

It seems that you are eating properly, and the load is increased. But the arrow of scales froze on one figure ... The thing is that the changes occur in your muscle mass, and on the scales, they are not visible. Simply put, the fat deposits in your body are gradually burned, and the muscle mass is growing. And since it weighs more, the numbers on the scales can also increase.

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What to do?

See not only the fluctuations of the arrows of the scales but also visually note the changes in the figure. The same weight for the same growth in people can look different: a girl weighing 60 and a height of 168 cm can be a sporty tight body or solid fat folds. Keep track of the volume of the figure: if they decrease - you are on the right track.

The fourth reason: thoughtless calorie restriction

If you decided to just cut the daily calorie intake, for example, up to 1,300 kcal, this may not work. As a result of a wrong calculation of the daily calorie and ill-considered diet, you will be haunted by a feeling of constant hunger. As a result - a feeling of dissatisfaction, stress, all thoughts revolve only about food, mood swings are possible, failures. In a word, you are not you when you are hungry.

What to do?

First, correctly calculate your need for calories. After all, as a result of too large a deficit of calories, metabolism slows down. Accordingly, weight loss slows down. Secondly, carefully plan the diet, namely: increase the amount of protein and reduce the number of carbohydrates. Protein food (fish, meat, poultry, eggs, dairy products) gives a feeling of satiety for a long time and helps to reduce the number of calories consumed. And more: do not forget about vegetables, fruits, and products containing fiber - they also contain few calories, but they can help eliminate hunger for a long time.

The fifth reason: improperly organized meals

Until now, many of us live by the principle: you eat breakfast yourself, lunch is stripped with a friend, dinner is given to the enemy. Eating the entire daily rate of calories in the morning, we try to limit the intake of food in the evening or at all "do not eat after six" in order to lose weight properly. Often this leads to the opposite result ...

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What to do?

There are often, but little by little. It is better to eat 5-6 times a day but in small portions. So the body is accustomed to being saturated with less food and you do not overeat. In addition, frequent fractional nutrition helps to avoid blood sugar jumps, which just provoke the deposition of fat.

The sixth reason: you sleep a little or are much nervous

You are experiencing because of work or stress is following you in your personal life ... You are missing meals or, conversely, eating too much ... Suffering from insomnia or lack of sleep ... All this can affect the metabolic processes taking place in the body. For some people, stress acts as a catalyst for weight loss, and someone, because of the constant "nerves", the process, on the contrary, slows down.

What to do?

Arrange your day. Try to stay at the same time, use meditation or breathing exercises to reduce the impact of stress. You can not handle yourself, do not be patient - contact a specialist.

Seventh reason: you are dishonest with yourself

Even counting the caloric content of breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, we can inadequately estimate the total daily calorie. We really can forget about all the products that ended up in our stomach during the day. Do you remember that you chewed a couple of cookies offered by a colleague? Have you tried the dish several times while you cooked it? Have you whipped a piece of bread? Or is it "not considered"?

What to do?

Start a food diary. Or - which is easier - to make notes directly on the phone, because most of us he is always with him. Write down everything that is eaten immediately, without leaving for later. All these data will help to adequately assess the total caloric intake.

Eighth reason: you drink a little water

You drink juices (freshly squeezed), tea (green, without sugar), coffee with a fat-burning effect, considering that the liquid is enough. Meanwhile, only ordinary, pure water is a catalyst for metabolic processes, and the rest of the liquid can be equated more with food.

What to do?

Drink water before breakfast, and 20 minutes before meals, but not immediately after a meal. In a day you need to drink at least two liters of clean, still water. Only, in this case, the process of burning calories will pass faster. 

Ninth reason: the effect of the plateau

You have successfully lost weight and suddenly the body seemed to become greedy: does not want to "give" a gram of excess weight. At the same time, your meals are clearly organized, you also attend training sessions as before - in a word, nothing happened that could slow down the process. Apparently, the whole point is that the plateau effect has come about - the body is used to the current loads and the standard caloric content of the diet.

What to do?

Do not panic and have patience. Try to adjust the training system, increase the load. Or "shake" your body with the help of unloading days.

The tenth reason: the presence of diseases

Finally, you can not discount some of the factors that do not depend on nutrition and physical activity, preventing weight loss. So, there are a number of diseases that affect the process of getting rid of excess weight. This may be hypothyroidism (decreased thyroid function), diabetes mellitus or prediabetes and some others.

What to do?

Visit a doctor, check blood for sugar, thyroid hormones. If there is a disease, do not despair. In case of successful correction of it with time, you will successfully get rid of excess weight.
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