Chocolate diet. How to quickly lose weight with chocolate diet?

Chocolate Diet

Chocolate diet. How to quickly lose weight with chocolate diet?
Chocolate diet. How to quickly lose weight with chocolate diet?
It should be noted that it is the chocolate diet  - this is the most paradoxical way to manage to kill two birds with one stone - where it will be possible to decently lose weight, and not limit yourself to the constant use of your favorite, wonderful delicacy - chocolate!

And it is the chocolate diet, strictly speaking, the recipe of which we offer to your attention was introduced into the constant practice by Italian dieticians. The full duration of this diet is from five to a maximum of seven days, after which you will immediately need to take a short break for four days, or even six days. And in a week you can get rid of six completely unimportant, and not necessary kilograms. It must be remembered that you can drink only three hours after eating.

The approximate menu of this chocolate diet

So it is the chocolate diet that always allows you to mix all the acceptable products, and also at will to have a snack between all the basic meals. In addition, products can be used in almost any form. So, for example, on Monday it is permissible to have breakfast with whole fruits, and already on Tuesday you will be able to build yourself some fruit salad in the morning, and on Wednesday you can start eating a delicious applesauce.

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In addition, the remarkable property of this particular diet is that starvation itself is extremely anti-productive. That is, as they say, starving yourself is not necessary and even categorically forbidden. Hence the most official permission to have a snack between all the basic meals. And directly the chocolate itself will help you to always remain vigorous and incredibly energetic. To tell the truth, you can not exceed the initially specified rate - namely 30 grams per day. In addition, there is no strict timeframe for such a delicious chocolate diet at all - so on average, it will be possible to "sit" on it for about a week.

We present an approximate daily set of all the necessary products for this diet:
  • Any pasta (this and spaghetti, and noodles, and any seashells, as well as all other but only solid varieties of pasta).
  • Practically any sauces for pasta (naturally they should be low in fat, and preferably generally without meat, although there may be some exceptions in the form of very small pieces of only white low-fat meat).
  • A variety of salads (always filled only with low-fat sauces, naturally completely without crackers).
  • At your discretion, any vegetables.
  • Any freshest fruit.
  • Popcorn is permissible (however cooked completely without oil and without salt). And as any toppings (or additives) especially for popcorn. They can include only fat-free oil, any vegetable supplements, dry garlic, soy sauce, and even vinegar are allowed, as well as hot pepper and hard Parmesan.
  • Naturally allowed chocolate (as you remember no more than 30 grams per day).
  • Water is strongly recommended (at least two liters per day).

The approximate recommended menu of chocolate diet (with all the options of your choice):

So for breakfast: fresh fruit is allowed. You can make a fruit salad. It is allowed to eat wheat flakes with absolutely low-fat milk and also with strawberries.

But the snack between all the basic meals: the best popcorn or any fruit.

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Already for lunch: Allow yourself a salad. Perhaps a salad with any pasta. You can spaghetti.

But the snack between all the main (lunch and dinner) meals: the same popcorn. It is also suitable for any vegetable assortment. You can prepare a fruit cocktail (say ½ chilled banana, plus ½ cup of peaches or any other fruit, and it's your choice, plus one cup of skimmed milk).

For dinner: fettuccini with garlic-tomato sauce, as well as almost any other paste, but only whole grains, fits perfectly. You can also add a salad, as well as any vegetables, better cooked for a couple, or say boiled.

As a snack between these main meals: It's still the same popcorn and, of course, chocolate.

It should be noted that throughout the day: it is permissible to consume water, and it is at your request either carbonated water or mineral water.
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