You can do that against stretch marks

You can do that against stretch marks

You can do that against stretch marks
You can do that against stretch marks
Anyone who thinks that stretch marks only occur during pregnancy is mistaken. The cracks in the subcutaneous tissue can occur at any time on the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, and breasts. But can you ever get rid of them?

What are stretch marks? 

The reddish and later whitish shimmering cracks in the subcutaneous tissue are caused by an overstretching of the connective tissue. Where the connective tissue is particularly stressed, they usually occur frequently: on the stomach, hips, buttocks, upper arms and breasts. These cracks are called striae.

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Especially the female connective tissue is weaker and tends to stretch marks - because, for a pregnancy, the skin on the abdomen and chest must be able to expand naturally. Therefore, the cracks in the skin are often referred to as stretch marks. The statistic says that about 30% of all pregnant women are affected by stretch marks. But even without being pregnant, the skin can tear in some places.

We give you tips on how to strengthen the connective tissue.

  • People with weak connective tissue (yes, even men can get the stripes) are more likely to visibly overstretch the tissue.
  • However, stretch marks on the chest can also occur during sports if the chest does not find enough support for jerky movements. That is why it is so important to pay attention to a good sports bra, especially if there is a connective tissue weakness.
  • But even during a cortisone therapy or in growth phases, the tissue can overstretch and tear the skin.
  • Of course, this can happen even with heavy weight gain, but also radical and fast weight loss does not do the tissue and the skin well.

What can you do about stretch marks?

Stretch marks are relatively stubborn and not easy to get rid of. They are like little scars in the tissues, which are easily reduced by creams with vitamin A ointment. During pregnancy and lactation, however, the ointment should not be used.

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Laser stretch marks

Dermatologists offer treatment with the laser to reduce stretch marks. however, the patient must wear himself - and are calculated according to the size of the skin areas. Three sessions are usually necessary to see the first successes - in most cases, results are only recognizable after months.

Home remedies for stretch marks

The fact that the regular massage - here we show you how the cellulite massage works according to the Chinese Tunia technique - and the associated good blood flow to the connective tissue is proven. The good old plucking massage is considered to be THE ultimate recipe, which is recommended to all pregnant women before the 20th week of pregnancy.

And this is how the plucking massage works: Take two small skin rolls between your thumb and forefinger and pull it gently upwards. It must not hurt! From the navel towards the belly outside and pluck up to the ribs.

Important for pregnant women: Definitely spared the area above the pubis, there, the message could irritate the uterus in action. Four weeks before the birth, the stomach should no longer be massaged, but only oiled.

In addition to the plucking massage, a brush massage is also great for preventing skin cracks. The brush should have very soft bristles and after brushing the skin should be well creamed or oiled.

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Good against skin cracks: massage with oil

If you use certain oils for the massage with your hands, you can increase the effect even more. If you want to make a massage oil yourself, almond, sesame or coconut oil are a few drops of lavender essential oil and orange or lemon oil. Cocoa butter and vitamin E are also perfect for connective tissue massage. Hot castor oil and marigold ointment also do minor repairs to the skin. 

Of course, the beauty shelves are ready to be mixed when ready for use - most of the time the products are awarded stretch marks as pregnancy care oils to prevent cracks in the tissue. Of course, oils against cellulite can also strengthen the connective tissue. Prerequisite is a daily massage.

Needling - rolling away stretch marks?

Microneedling is said to help with skin problems such as acne, scars, couperose and orange peel - and is also used in stretch marks. The scooter with very fine, short needles is rolled over the skin.

The principle:  The needles pierce (without pain) small holes in the skin. As after an injury, the skin tries to heal as quickly as possible, releasing collagen, which is essential for firm skin. Stretch marks should be minimized. There are scooters that you can use at home, but also the beautician offers this treatment. Once a week, the roll can be used, the beauty roller should then be thoroughly cleaned.

Cheat with self-tanner

Many feel better with a slightly tanned skin - especially when thighs see the light of day. Self-tanner is the healthier alternative to tint the skin. We have tips on how the tan out of the tube succeeds streak-free.

Sport makes us firmer

To keep us firm - and to prevent stretch marks - changing showers are an easy method for the home. Sport naturally boosts circulation and helps to burn fat. Endurance sports such as jogging, walking, swimming, cycling or skating are great for firm legs, buttocks, and upper arms. We reveal which sports are the most effective at fighting cellulite.

We are not alone - learning to love stretch marks

The wave of self-acceptance rolls through the social network - and especially platforms like Instagram and Facebook are filled with images that promote body acceptance. Stretch marks are ugly? For example, two US mothers are currently resisting this claim with a social media campaign online. They were simply tired of the eternal negative discussions about their bodies and their changes after birth. So they founded the Instagram account "Love your lines" and took pictures of themselves and their own stretch Markson. At the same time, they called other women to stand by their stretch marks and do the same. The idea behind "Love your lines": "two mothers who pay homage to real women, real bodies and true self-love". In the meantime, hundreds of photos have been posted under the hashtag #LoveYourLines.

Even more body positivity in the net for stretch marks

It was followed by other hashtags that focused on the skin cracks: #takingbackpostpartum is also one of the calls to accept his skin cracks and to wear with pride. Blogger January Harshe was fed up with absurd claims to women's bodies. Most of all, she was bothered by the fact that mothers who posted a picture of the Hashtag #postpartum on Instagram were often approached without being asked by companies who wanted to find the right antidote for their "problem".

"Nobody needs to tell us that we are not good enough," she wrote on her website. "We do not need lotions or tinctures full of chemicals (...) What we need is love, grace, friendship, and support ." The call to all mothers: Show your bodies as they are! Stretch marks, dents on the body, flabby breasts - all this is not just normal, but an expression of how strong you really need to be for a birth.
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