Can I lose weight without stretch marks and cellulite?

Weight loss without stretch marks

Can I lose weight without stretch marks and cellulite?
Can I lose weight without stretch marks and cellulite?
At first glance, it seems, life after losing weight is cheerful and iridescent, the state of health is excellent, and the species is very flowering. All this is fine, but over time, he refuses that the construction causes some kind of side effects. In particular, with a sharp loss of weight in women often appear striae (stretch marks on the skin).

Not neatly ..!

For owners of beautiful, clean and elastic skin stria - this is a real God's punishment and terrible torture. White, red or purple scars appear, as a rule, in women on the hips, abdomen, chest, and buttocks during puberty, after pregnancy, obesity/weight loss, and hormone therapy. It happens that stretch marks are formed even on ... face! This may indicate the inelasticity of the skin and certain diseases, in particular, violations of the endocrine system.

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First of all, do not be afraid of striae and be very upset about this. This is absolutely not deadly. They are absolutely not dangerous to health, besides, they are not visible under clothes and make-up.

However, if the striae were not formed due to pregnancy, you should consult a specialist endocrinologist. After all, this can indicate a hormonal failure in the endocrine system. And those who are really annoying strips can declare them a real war, where all means are good.

Artillery and water guns

Initially, you need to develop your own dietary nutrition system. This is the so-called main product artillery from stretch marks. After all, it's not a secret for anyone that the condition of a person's skin depends often on the balance and diversity of the diet.

It should consist of a sufficient number of seafood, vegetables, nuts, fruits, greens and bread from sprouted grain, because our skin, as never before, needs substances that support its elasticity. In addition, one must drink plenty of liquid so that the skin does not lose elasticity.

Cosmetic strategies

But, as they say, not bread alone ... and not even water. In addition, care must be taken to ensure that the skin is thoroughly cleansed with various cosmetic products, including extracts from various plants, collagen, cocoa butter, elastin, vitamin E, lanolin. This especially applies to women sitting on hard diets and future moms.

There are many ways to destroy stretch marks at home. In particular, practical experience of application and many scientists have proved that linseed oil has a very positive effect on the skin condition. As they say, do not graze the rear olive oil with almond oil, because they contain a lot of vitamin E, which helps get rid of striae. And if you use these aromatic oils along with orange or rosewood oil, then you feel well and feel good.

And you can also get rid of stretch marks by means of a mummy. The effectiveness of this tool is known since ancient times. It helps to heal small rips and sores on the skin and gradually makes striae invisible. Apply mummy is recommended daily for a month. To prepare a miracle cure, mix two mummy capsules with one tablespoon of water and a regular moisturizer. This mixture is applied to dry skin after a shower.

However, if this does not help, and striae are very noticeable, then more radical measures should be taken.

No, God forbid, it's not about plastic surgery, but about professional massage and SPA procedures, in particular wraps. The fact is that by means of massage, especially anti-cellulite, blood circulation in the stretch zone increases. And to increase the effect of this procedure can be due to the application of oils and wrapping with a film.

Naturally, after that, you need to warm up a little, lie down, relax and relax. Well, it's not a war with stretch marks, it's a pleasure!
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