Chemical diet: rules, menu, results and feedback

Chemical Diet

Chemical diet: rules, menu, results and feedback
Chemical diet: rules, menu, results, and feedback
Do not be scared of someone who read the name of the diet, the use of chemistry in her diet. There will be no chemistry. This diet is simply based on the fact that certain chemical reactions will occur in the body from the proposed diet and the combination of products.

They also form the basis of a diet, which, thanks to these very chemical reactions, gives unprecedented results. For a month, namely, this period should be spent on it, you can get rid of 20, and even 28 kg of excess weight. The diet is suitable for any age and weight. But those who have the weight for a hundred, especially.

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This diet is considered strict. Not because you need to monitor the calorie content of your diet. It will be necessary to follow the clear implementation of the rules and diet. You can not, for example, change the diet of one day to another or confuse foods that are recommended for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The rules of the chemical diet

The diet should begin strictly from Monday. Since the menu, which will be described below, is distributed exactly by the days of the week. If for some reason you had to retreat from the diet, then you have to start all over again, no matter what day of the diet it happened.

Products that are prescribed in the diet cannot be swapped. If there is a strong sense of hunger, then you can do, so-called, snack. But after the main meal 2 hours must pass, no less. For "snack" cucumbers, carrots or lettuce leaves will suit. Try throughout the diet, fill the refrigerator with the right products for future use, and it's better not to buy any banned.
Another rule that can not be violated is to change the number of products if it is specified exactly. In those cases where this is not, you can eat until full saturation.

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The dishes will have to be cooked on the water. The use of oils and fats in the menu during a chemical diet is not recommended.

It is very important to fulfill one more rule - the water regime. Drink water for all four weeks, it will be necessary to 2.5 liters per day. Only do this between meals, and not drink down the food. You can include in your diet teas (green, black, herbal), coffee, even soda water.

The menu of the first week

Breakfast for all seven days of the week, almost the same. Eat the floor of an orange (you can grapefruit) and one egg chicken (you can two) boiled hard.

Lunch and dinner are different every day. In order not to confuse and then not start all over again, it is better to write out the menu for one week or even for each day.

And so, Monday of the 1st week is lunch: in any quantity one of the allowed fruits (practically everything except grapes, figs, mangoes, dates, and bananas);
- Dinner: any meat except lamb.                          
Tuesday - lunch: chicken meat without skin;
- Dinner: salad from fresh vegetables (carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers). Eggs of chicken (2 pieces), hard-boiled. For dessert - grapefruit (orange).
Wednesday - lunch: cottage cheese or any other cheese fat-free, white (200 g), tomatoes, toast (1 pc.);
- Dinner: fried meat (the whole piece or as minced meat). We remind you, any, except lamb.
Thursday - lunch: fruit, useful with vitamins (any, except forbidden), and in any quantity;
- dinner: fried meat, lettuce (leafy).                                                   
Friday - lunch: boiled vegetables, hard-boiled eggs (2 pcs.); 
- Dinner: boiled fish (can be shrimp), lettuce leaves, citrus fruits.
Saturday -lunch: any fruit (except forbidden);
- Dinner: lettuce (leaves), meat.                                
Sunday - lunch: chicken meat boiled, tomatoes, vegetables boiled, grapefruit (orange);
- Dinner: in boiled form vegetables.

The second-week menu

Breakfast does not change - one or two eggs of chicken, again, hard-boiled and half of the real fat burner - grapefruit (you can have an orange).

Monday - lunch: meat roast or boil and complement the menu with lettuce leaves;
- Dinner: cook hard-boiled eggs of chicken (2 pcs.), and for dessert - orange (grapefruit).
Tuesday - lunch: boiled or fried meat plus lettuce leaves;
- Dinner: hard-boiled eggs (2 pcs.), grapefruit (orange).
On Wednesday - lunch: meat in fried or boiled form + fresh cucumbers;
- Supper: eggs of chicken, hard-boiled (2 pieces), orange or grapefruit (1 pc.).
Thursday - lunch: two eggs of chicken, hard-boiled, white cheese any fat-free and in any quantity, vegetables boiled;
- dinner: 2 eggs.
Friday - lunch: boiled fish or fried without fat;
- Dinner: boiled eggs chicken eggs (2 pcs.).
Saturday - lunch: meat fry or boil, fresh tomatoes, citrus fruits (1 pc.);
- Dinner: fruit salad (apple, peach, melon, mandarin, orange).
Sunday - lunch: boiled vegetables, boiled or fried chicken meat, fresh tomatoes, one grapefruit (you can have an orange);
- dinner: the same dishes as for lunch.

The menu of the third week

The diet is changing. Every day we eat one or two kinds of food.
  • Monday - we eat all day long with fruits and only. You can mix any, except the banana, dates, figs, mangoes, and grapes.
  • Tuesday is a vegetable day. Vegetables can be consumed both in boiled and fresh form, both separately and making salads.
  • Wednesday is a mixed day. You can eat fruits and vegetables in any form and quantity.
  • Thursday. This day can be called fish. We cook it, fry it, bake it, add to it boiled vegetables or lettuce (leaf) and with pleasure we eat until full saturation.
  • Friday is a meat day. With him, we do too, as with the fish - cook, fry, bake + boiled vegetables.
  • From Abbott, and after her and Sunday - unloading. We eat all day only fruit. And, choose the kind, whatever you are, one. For example, pears, or apples. In general, any, except for banned (grapes, mangoes, dates, figs, banana).

Fourth-week menu

The task becomes a bit more complicated since the products listed for the day will have to be distributed evenly for the whole day.

- meat (400 g), except lamb;
- fish boiled (200 g) or canned from tuna (1 jar without oil);
- vegetables (cucumber - 4 pcs, tomato - 3 pcs.);
- fruit (citrus fruit 1 pc.);
- Toast (1 piece).

- meat (200 g), any, except lamb;
- vegetables (cucumber - 4 pcs, tomato - 3 pcs.);
- fruit (apple one, or pear, or orange);
- Toast (1 piece);

- cheese (any fat-free white - 1 tbsp.) or cottage cheese (1 tbsp);
- vegetables boiled (any 200 g) + fresh 2 cucumbers and 2 tomatoes;
- fruit (citrus fruit 1 pc.);
- Toast (1 piece).

- meat (chicken floor, boiled without skin);
- Vegetables (fresh tomatoes 3 pieces, cucumber);
- fruit (1 citrus) + one of the allowed;
- Toast (1 piece).

- hard-boiled eggs (2 pcs.);
- Vegetable tomatoes (3 pcs.), lettuce (leaves);
- fruit (1 piece of citrus fruit).

- cooked chicken (2 breasts);
- Vegetables (tomatoes - 2 pcs, cucumbers - 2 pcs.);
- sour-milk products (cottage cheese or brynza -125 g, yogurt - 1 item);
- fruit (1 citrus);
- Toast (1 piece).

- fish (canned from tuna - 1 can without oil);
- vegetables cooked (200 g) + raw (cucumber - 2 pcs, tomatoes - 2 pcs.);
- fermented milk products (cottage cheese - 1 tbsp);
- fruit (1 grapefruit or orange);
- Toast (1 pc.)

Quitting the diet

When four weeks pass and the time will come to get out of the diet, the first thing to do is measure all your parameters. If you have reached the goal, then you can switch to your normal diet. One thing is to limit the sweet and flour dishes in your diet.

If the result, as desired, is not achieved, then you can repeat the first and last week.

During and after the diet, lead an active lifestyle. Walk in the fresh air, visit the pool, gym or dance studio. And then no excess weight will come back to you. Be slim.
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