Salt-free diet for weight loss - menu, results and feedback

Salt-Free Diet

Salt-free diet for weight loss - menu, results and feedback
Salt-free diet for weight loss - menu, results, and feedback
This diet presupposes a diet in which the use of food salt will be restricted or eliminated. We are accustomed to using this irreplaceable and, by the way, very useful ingredient for the human body, every day. Sodium chloride, contained in salt, is involved in many processes that are responsible for the vital activity of the human body. This element creates a special state of bodily fluids, which is called isotonic. Thanks to this, the life of the cells becomes possible.

If we talk about the amount of table salt that we should consume per day, then 5-7 g (a teaspoonful) is enough to ensure that the body is fully provided with the necessary components. This makes it possible to replace the loss of sodium chloride, which is excreted in the urine and then. When a person violates the salt regime and begins to consume salt much more, and, it happens now very often, then the most important functions are violated. Due to the fact that sodium chloride is retained in the body, swelling may appear, blood pressure may rise.

The rules for a salt-free diet

Restriction of the use of salt can be used not only for the treatment of certain chronic diseases but also for the problem of excess weight. The first rule that must be observed in a salt-free diet is that it can be dosed out, but only after the dish is ready. To ensure that the food does not seem tasteless, you can add onions and garlic, herbs, spices.

To exclude from the diet it is necessary and ready products with the raised maintenance of salt: marinades, pickles, sausages, smoked products, fish dried, pickled, dried. We refuse meat and fish broths, from chips, salted nuts, and seeds, from confectionery. Of meat dishes - from pork and lamb. Fried and fatty are also excluded.

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During a salt-free diet, it is better to stick to the principle of fractional nutrition. Divide the food into small portions. Eat them for five or even six meals. If you get up from the table with a little feeling of hunger, then this is just right.

Organize your diet so that the menu had more vegetables, fruits, sour - milk products. Meat and fish are preferably boiled, baked or cooked on a pair, and sorts to choose low-fat.

You can get used to these rules and fulfill them all your life. But you can confine yourself to a couple of weeks. This will also give an effect. For such a relatively short period of time, you can lose up to ten kilograms of excess weight, thanks to a salt-free diet.

During the diet, alcohol is completely excluded. But you have to drink two liters of water a day. It is advisable to drink mineral without gas.

Menu for a salt-free diet for one day

For breakfast, you can eat cottage cheese, a piece of unsalted bread and drink tea with milk.

Between breakfast and lunch - very useful baked apples.

Lunch - mushroom soup, fresh tomato salad with onions, a piece of Charlotte with apricot and plum.

Between lunch and dinner, you can drink a decoction of rose hips and eat a bit of saltless bread.

Dinner - boiled potatoes, leaf salad, dressed with yogurt or kefir, cream cheese with fresh fruit.

The menu of a salt-free diet for two weeks

Another salt-free diet, calculated for 14 days. During this diet, eat three times a day. Between the main methods, you can drink only water.

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The first day.

Breakfast for many traditional - coffee or tea without sugar.
It does not require much time for cooking and lunch, which is very convenient in any conditions. Two eggs of chicken, hard-boiled + salad of fresh cabbage, white and peas + tomato (1 pc.).
For dinner, we bake or cook a pair of fish (low-fat varieties) with vegetables.

Second day.

Tea, better green and sugar-free + cracker - it's offered for breakfast.
Lunch - fish, preferably low-fat toasted or baked + fresh vegetable salad.
Dinner - a piece of boiled beef + kefir (1 glass).

The third day.

Breakfast - coffee without sugar.
Lunch - vegetable salad fresh + fruit.
Dinner - boiled beef (200 g) + cabbage salad, dressed with olive oil.

Day four.

Breakfast - the favorite by many coffees, but without milk, cream and sugar.
Lunch - boiled chicken egg + carrot salad, dressed with olive oil.
Dinner - a salad of fruits.

Day five.

Breakfast - carrot salad with lemon juice + olive oil.
Lunch - boiled fish + tomato juice (1 glass).
Dinner - fried fish + cabbage salad.

The sixth day.

Breakfast - coffee or tea, but without sugar, milk, cream.
Lunch - chicken meat boiled + salad of fresh vegetables.
Dinner - eggs chicken boiled hard-boiled (2 pcs.) + Salad from carrots.

The seventh day.

Lunch - coffee or tea without sugar.
Lunch - beef boiled + fruit (after 30 minutes).
Dinner - fish (boiled) + vegetable stew or fresh vegetables.

On the eighth day of a salt-free diet, we apply the menu of the first day and repeat the entire diet of the first week in all subsequent days of the second.

The menu of salt-free diet for 15 days

This diet should be divided into several stages. Each stage lasts three days. At this time, the diet of a slimming person should consist only of the products indicated at this stage. 

  • At the first stage, the only chicken will be on the menu. 500 g of boiled meat, divided into portions, eat every day.
  • The second stage involves the use every day of boiled fish (500 g).
  • The third stage - any porridge, all three days. In dry form for a day, cereal should go to 250 g. Cook it on water or on milk (fat-free).
  • The fourth stage is vegetable. Salads from fresh vegetables, stewed vegetables, boiled, baked will make up a menu of all three days. For a day - 2 kg. The only restriction is vegetable - potatoes. He, just, it is necessary to exclude from his diet for these days completely.
  • The fifth stage is fruit all three days. The only exception is bananas. All other delicious, healthy fruits are eaten up to 2 kg per day.

Several recipes for a salt-free diet

If you want to make a menu for a salt-free diet, then you can just use the ready-made recipes. For example, you can make chicken fritters with vegetables from a chicken. To do this, you need 500 g of chicken fillet. Cut it into small pieces, add the vegetables. First rub on a grater onion (2 pcs.). Adding it to the meat, put in the cold for half an hour. Taking the meat from the refrigerator, add grated carrots (2 pcs.) And potatoes (2 pcs.). Then pour a little lemon juice, chop the fine greens, pour a little soda. The technology of preparation, as well as usual pancakes. It is desirable to cook in a double boiler. The prepared dish is served with sour cream or yogurt.

Another dish of salt-free diet - fish in batter, and with walnuts and lemon. Fillets of any fish will do. To begin with, we will impregnate this fillet with lemon juice. This will be enough for about ten minutes.

Then we roll in flour and in pre-whipped eggs. The last stage - breadcrumbs with added in the walnuts and lemon zest. Prepared fillets can be baked or fried.

Stewed cabbage with eggs is another dish that is not difficult to prepare. Shredded finely cabbage in water. Only after it is ready, we add vegetable oil and a couple of tomatoes. We extinguish a few more minutes. In the finished dish, add the hard-boiled chicken egg, previously sliced, and dill. If you want this dish to be meat, then instead of the egg you can put pieces of meat already ready.

For dessert, you can treat yourself to cottage cheese bagels. For the test, you will need, of course, cottage cheese (250 g). In it, we add eggs of chicken (2 pieces), sugar (half a cup or less), flour, soda, extinguished with vinegar. We make the dough, like dumplings for consistency. We divide, preferably evenly, into two parts. They are rolled into circles, which are cut into eight cones. Lubricating the filling, roll the roll bag from the wide side to the narrow side. Bake in the oven for about half an hour. 10 minutes before the preparation can be poured with butter and sprinkled with sugar. The filling is prepared from jam or marmalade, from honey with nuts and raisins, it is possible from any fresh fruit or berries.

Recommendations for the correct use of table salt

Some recommendations will help make the dishes that we prepare, not only delicious but also useful. And so, if you cook a meat broth, then you must salt it before the end of cooking. Twenty minutes before you finish, just right. But in fish broth, on the contrary, add salt immediately after it boils and removes foam from it.

Meat, in general, cannot be salted. Just add the spices and get an extraordinary natural taste. Fresh fish salt loves. It is salted for about fifteen minutes before the heat treatment is applied. In minced meat, at least fish, salt is added before they prepare the dish.

If you cook vegetables, you better salt them five minutes before they are ready. And remember that it is better not too salty anyhow than to overdo it. After all, you can add salt to the ready-made dish. This will only benefit, and the taste will not change much. And the salt-free diet proves this once again
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