Spring diet for weight loss: menu and diet

Spring diet

Spring diet for weight loss: menu and diet
Spring diet for weight loss: menu and diet
In this article, it will not be a diet, as such, and not about what you should refuse yourself to wear a long-delayed skirt. In the spring, the body experiences stress from lack of vitamins, and metabolic processes accelerate, so tight diets in spring are useless.

It is better to pay attention to products that feed us with vitamins, which give a charge of vivacity and energy, but from excess kilograms and slags accumulated over the winter, the body will gradually get rid of itself, we need to help him a little by adjusting his diet. Therefore, in the spring we focus on products that will save us from spring hypovitaminosis, help us feel good and look good. And in two-three weeks and the delayed skirt will fit.

It's no secret that food is not only a source of energy but also a pleasure. Our mood is often determined by what we eat - and there is nothing wrong with that. However, leaning on sweets in the hope that it will be more fun - not the best way. It is much more sensible to supplement your diet with protein, which contains an essential amino acid tryptophan, involved in the synthesis of serotonin, which is also called the "hormone of joy."

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Very rich in tryptophan products: cheese, cottage cheese, milk, yogurt, mushrooms, oats, bananas, dried dates, sesame, pine nuts, peanuts and peanut butter. In addition to tryptophan, protein products contain seven more essential amino acids, vitamins, and microelements that we need for good health, good mood and, beauty.

For example, chicken meat is rich in copper, beef - iron, fish and seafood - zinc, phosphorus, and iodine. Eggs contain vitamin E and lecithin, in dairy products - vitamin A and calcium. 

Protein is the building material for the cell, so our daily diet should consist of protein food, at least 25%. But the normal assimilation of protein is impossible without vegetables and fruits, containing vitamins and activating metabolic processes in the body. Therefore, a spring diet of 50% should consist of vegetables and fruits.

However, in the early spring with gifts of gardens and kitchen gardens is not dense. In this case, it is necessary to lean on cabbage, carrots, beets, apples, dried fruits, which, even with long-term storage, do not lose useful properties.

As a general rule, you want to eat every day at least one Apple and (or) raw carrots and daily rate of antioxidants you provided. An excellent source of vitamin c and various micronutrients is an early garden radish, leek, green onion, lettuce, leaf Greens (by the way, you can grow yourself on a windowsill).

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Pay attention to frozen vegetables and fruits. When their main preparation to avoid losses of vitamins, so remove them from the freezer must be directly before cooking found in boiling water, without freezing. 

and, finally, in the spring the diet must be b vitamins, which are involved in the transfer of nerve impulses of all organs and systems, therefore, indispensable to the health of our nervous system and the skin. Vitamins this group many in wholegrain bread and porridge, liver, meat, green vegetables. By the way, green vegetables plus meat is the ideal combination of products. 

great importance to preserve the beauty and health are cooking techniques. You want to give preference to varennym, baked and steamed dishes. Daily use of roasted meat will do more harm than good. By the way, most vitamins are saved it is in the process of roasting.

I also offer you a list of products that, in the opinion of nutritionists, are especially useful for women. Well, if they are on your table not only in the spring but all year round. 

Cabbage is the queen of vegetables. It contains a rich set of vitamins and microelements, as well as fiber, which is essential for good digestion. By the way, sauerkraut is no less useful than fresh. 

Tomatoes - contain antioxidants that do not lose their properties even after heat treatment. Therefore, they are good and fresh, and in the form of natural ketchup, and juice. Have anti-carcinogenic and antisclerotic effect. 

Champignons - a source of selenium and vitamin B5, which improve the complexion, slow the aging process and strengthen the immune system.

Kiwi - rich in antioxidants, which has a beneficial effect on the nervous and immune systems. Improves skin condition, clears arteries and reduces the risk of thrombosis. 

Avocado is a valuable source of fatty acids - linoleic, linolenic, arachidonic, providing a healthy skin and hair condition. Also helps reduce cholesterol in the blood. 

Walnut - rich in vitamin E and C, fatty omega-acids, which reduce cholesterol and protect the blood vessels. In addition, it has a high nutritional value, perfectly satiates and prevents depression.

Cranberry - contains many vitamins and tannins that protect the genitourinary system from infections. Also known for its anti-inflammatory properties. A good remedy for colds. 

Beans are a rich source of microelements, protein, and dietary fiber. Irreplaceable for the prevention of cardiovascular and oncological diseases. 

Solid cheese - rich in calcium, phosphorus, vitamins, essential amino acids, which positively affects bone tissue and dental health.

Fish and seafood are rich in omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and easily digestible protein. Rich in calcium, phosphorus, iodine - a pledge of strong bones, elastic muscles and clear mind.
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