Vegetable diet for weight loss and its variety

Vegetable Diet

Vegetable diet for weight loss and its variety
Vegetable diet for weight loss and its variety
Today, the vegetable diet has come out on top in popularity. It seems to be no special principle here - eat fruits and vegetables as much as you like and with the worst. Vitamins, fiber, microelements - these are the main components of each vegetable. A lot of everything useful and nothing harmful. No negative, only a full positive from the meal itself and the result obtained.

The most important thing in a vegetable diet is the vegetables themselves. And they should be from their own garden. In the vegetables bought at the market or in the store, you can find a lot of nitrates and the like. And then such a diet will not bring any benefit to the body, only complete harm.

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The best time for a vegetable diet is, of course, autumn. But you can try to eat vegetables at any other time of the year. Especially such nutrition will be relevant for the winter when the body is short of those or other vitamins, and a vegetable diet will easily and easily avoid it.

There are a vegetable diet and another important rule. Food should not be based on just one product. For example, if every day to eat only potatoes, this can not be called a vegetable diet. In addition to potatoes, you need to eat other vegetables. Only then can the diet be considered complete and at the same time, it will be beneficial.

Do not neglect greens. Well, what kind of vegetable salad can be cooked without parsley or dill? But sunflower oil with a vegetable diet is simply necessary. The thing is that some vitamins that are contained in vegetables are part of the fat-soluble group. That is, in order for them to fully digest, there must be some fat. Ideally, this is just the vegetable oil.

Vegetable diet is very useful for those who constantly overeat. This will purify the body of toxins and improve the functioning of the intestines. However, for those who want to lose weight, the result with a vegetable diet will have to wait a long time. But this result is worth it

Varieties of vegetable diet

There are 2 varieties of vegetable diet. The first vegetable diet is called strict. It is useful to those who want to lose excess weight quickly. Stick to a strict vegetable diet for a week. In this day, you can eat no more than one and a half kilograms of vegetables. At the same time, potatoes and other vegetables that contain starch are not allowed. And all vegetables in this diet should be consumed only in fresh form. But for those who are difficult to adhere to such a diet, you can try to cook them for a couple.

The classic vegetable diet is designed for 2 - 3 months. At the same time a day you need to eat again all the same one and a half kilograms of vegetables, but now you can diversify the diet with dairy products, fruits, and black bread. Of fruits, bananas and grapes are the exceptions. And if you want, you can try to enter into a vegetable diet and citrus fruits.

In this case, you can alternate raw and cooked vegetables. In just one month of such a diet, you can lose from 3 to 7 kg. However, if in the early days a person begins to experience weakness and dizziness, then these vegetable diets should be abandoned. Contraindicated in these diets and gastritis. 
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