White coal for weight loss - the whole truth

White coal for weight loss

White coal for weight loss - the whole truth
White coal for weight loss - the whole truth
What is white coal? White coal is a drug that, when ingested, binds toxic substances present in the gastrointestinal tract, that is, it functions as an enterosorbent. The main component of white coal tablets is ultra-high-dispersion silica. In addition, the preparation includes microcrystalline cellulose fibers, potato starch and powdered sugar (as auxiliary substances).

Mechanism of exposure to white coal

Silicon dioxide (the main component of this drug), works in the body to remove toxins and food and bacterial allergens. This substance also helps the process of transporting toxic products (alkaloids, heavy metal salts, glycosides) into the gastrointestinal tract from the lymph and blood of man.

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Fibers of microcrystalline cellulose are isolated from plant fiber. They excrete free radicals, heavy metals, microbial toxins, decay products from the body, preliminary, sorbing them on their surface. These fibers have a binding effect on the excess of gastric juice (directly in the stomach), on bile acids, bilirubin, and cholesterol in the intestine.

This substance enhances the intestinal peristalsis, cleansing the mucous membrane of the small intestine mechanically.
All this testifies that this preparation is a complex food additive, which is made from natural minerals.

Unlike the usual black coal, white coal is able to absorb toxins more, does not cause a sense of gravity, constipation, and stimulates the work of the intestine. These tablets do not taste, smell, do not make your hands dirty.

How to take white coal for weight loss?

To help the body get rid of the excess weight of white coal, you can take one to two tablets twenty minutes before each meal. Tablets must be washed down with water. Water and sorbent mechanically fill the stomach, and due to this, the feeling of hunger reduces its intensity.

But, while it is important to follow the rules of healthy eating, and not to be influenced by others, and snack unhealthy food at work and during leisure.

It is important to know that sorbents cannot absorb calories. They block the absorption of vitamins and minerals in the body. Therefore, when taking this drug, it is necessary to follow the doctor's recommendations regarding the duration and dosage. Otherwise, you can seriously damage your body.

Contra-indications to reception of white coal

  • Categorically forbidden reception of white coal to nursing mothers, children under fourteen years old, pregnant women.
  • And the contraindications for this drug include the following diseases, in acute stages: gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, intestinal ulcer, intestinal obstruction, intestinal and stomach bleeding.
  • Uncontrolled use of the drug may lead to blockage of blood vessels. Without supervision and recommendations of the doctor, white coal cannot be taken, so as not to cause the development of exacerbations of chronic intestinal diseases.
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