Energy Diet - Results and Feedback

Energy Diet

Energy Diet - Results and Feedback
Energy Diet - Results and Feedback
The newest technologies entered into many spheres of life of modern man. Thanks to them, it became more interesting to study, work much more efficiently, and relaxing fun and with comfort. Each branch of industry is increasing its capacity. Not an exception and food. The abundance of products, from which supermarket shelves are broken, fast food and a sedentary lifestyle, led to the fact that many people had a problem of excess weight.

Of course, the best way to lose weight is to regulate your nutrition, exercise, lead a measured and healthy lifestyle. But not always modern man can do all this.

Time, stand by the stove and cook low-calorie dishes, few have because of their employment and speed rhythm. The same latest technology offers a way out of this situation. The methodology and products of the Energy Diet trademark will provide a balanced, healthy diet and help to cope with extra pounds.

History of Energy Diet

As a trademark, Energy Diet was registered in France back in 2003. In the same, 2003, But the product of the first generation was created in the eighties of the past century, XX. It was designed to feed athletes - professionals. Frenchman Jean-Marie Blanche developed such food for his wards, who used it during the intensive training and competitions. The results were amazing. Athletes who ate this product were in excellent shape during the competition and recovered faster after them.

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Later, working on improving an outstanding product, Blanche created cocktails and soups Energy Diet for weight loss.

Now there are three areas that offer products for weight loss, for healthy nutrition and to increase muscle mass. Several generations of the product were able to bring its quality to such a state that the most stringent experts give positive feedback and recommendations.

The composition of products Energy diets

If we speak the modern and professional language, we can say that the products of the Energy Diet are a high-tech product. It is based on the components of natural origin. The product is balanced. It consists of proteins, both animal, and vegetable. More fats and carbohydrates, only in the amount that does not allow the body to accumulate excess weight, at the same time, filling with the necessary energy. Fiber, contained in cocktails, helps fill the stomach and do not feel hungry, despite the small portions that a person consumes during a diet. Vitamins and minerals allow full functioning of all organs.

The direction in which the product is designed to make it as useful to the human body as possible has yielded positive results. He was brought, practically, to the ideal, as close as possible to what nature gives us. Natural ingredients, for example, acerola, enriches with vitamin C, and royal jelly - vitamins of group B. Powder beet serves as a natural dye. As a thickener, cellulose gum and packaging are used. These are natural products of plant origin.

Weight correction

Very effective use of products Energy diet for weight loss. In this case, it is used instead of ordinary food. But unlike many other diets, thanks to the composition of a balanced, the human body along with the products of the Energy diet gets all the components necessary for its life. Fatigue, nervousness, hunger during the course of the course with the Energy Diets are completely absent. Getting rid of extra pounds is due to the fact that your body will start using its own fats, without affecting the muscle mass. The composition of the product protects organs and tissues from the lack of useful substances.

Recommendations for use

If you decide to use dietary energy products, then, first of all, you need to decide on the taste. Cocktails can be picked up salty and sweet. And they are different in consistency. There are thick, and there are liquid. You can choose a hot soup or an omelet.

Each product is accompanied by instructions for use and preparation. The common, practically for all types of cocktails is that they need to be bred with milk, and 1,5% of fat content. Calorie content, just calculated on this basis, is 200 kcal per serving. If you want a different taste, you can experiment and make a basis of vegetable soup or kefir. The proportions of a dry mixture and a liquid are recommended to take from the calculation one measuring spoon, and this is 30 g of a mixture and 200 milliliters of liquid.

Cocktail is prepared in a closed container, for example in a shaker. Put the necessary ingredients in the container, whip the cocktail with intensive movements.

If you decide to make a soup Energy diets, then milk should be heated to sixty degrees, pour dry mixture into the same shaker and whip. You can cook soup in a microwave or on a conventional stove. To do this, pour the product into cold milk and, stirring constantly, bring it to the desired temperature. The omelet is cooked in a microwave oven. Pour pre-whipped into a shaker product, into a plate, put it in the oven for a couple of minutes. You can fry in a frying pan. It's like someone who loves.

Products are prepared before use. It means mixing them with milk. A dry mixture is stored at a temperature of five to twenty-five degrees. If the jar is opened, then it is possible to use the product available there for about three months.

Weight Loss Program with Energy Diet

The whole course involves three stages:

The first, which can be called "Start", lasts from three to five days. Nutrition, in practice, only products Energy diets. You can change the taste range so that the food does not seem monotonous. For breakfast a serving of any cocktail. Between breakfast and lunch, you can drink another half. Lunch is Energy Soup or an omelet. Afternoon snack - half cocktail. For dinner, add to the cocktail vegetable salad (100-200 g).

The second stage, more diverse in the content of products. You can include in your diet dishes from cereals, vegetables, meat. For example, for breakfast, we will make vegetable stew and buckwheat porridge. The second breakfast is a half of cocktail Energy diets. For dinner, we prepare soup or vegetable soup, a piece of boiled meat with stewed vegetables. We drink tea or juice. Afternoon snack - half of cocktail Energy diets. Over dinner, drink a whole serving of cocktail.

The third stage involves switching to conventional food. This does not mean that we must immediately return to the rolls, buns, and sweets. These products in the diet are reduced to a minimum or completely eliminated. For dessert, you can prepare useful fruit salads, curd casseroles, mousses. Or prepare cocktails with the taste of vanilla, chocolate. During the dinner of the third stage, only a cocktail from the Energy is allowed.

Thanks to the program and products of the Energy Diet, you can safely and easily switch to a healthy diet that will only benefit the body. And the extra pounds will remain in the distant past
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