Ginger diet for weight loss: recipes, reviews and recommendations

Ginger Diet

Ginger diet for weight loss: recipes, reviews and recommendations
Ginger diet for weight loss: recipes, reviews, and recommendations
About this amazing plant once composed legends. They say that it was brought to Europe to fight the epidemic of the plague back in the Middle Ages. The native land of ginger, or, as it is also called - the white root, is considered the countries of Asia, more precisely, it's southern part. If we talk about the current time, then this valuable and useful plant is grown in many countries. This is China, and Indonesia, and Jamaica, India, Australia, Barbados. They are used in cooking, medicine, cosmetology.

Beneficial features

By the composition of those substances useful for the human body, which literally overflows the root of the plant, it can rightly be called a record among spicy cultures. Vitamins of different groups, amino acids, essential oils, minerals, all this bouquet, and influences positively on the digestive system, respiratory, strengthens the immune system. There was another quality of ginger. It turns out that it increases sexual desire, especially in women. It also slows down the aging process.

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As a means to lose weight, this root was actively used by the ancient Greeks. They added it to tortillas and thus saved themselves from extra pounds. And if you drink tea with ginger before eating, you can reduce your irrepressible appetite, which will also help to lose weight.

Tea with ginger for weight loss - recipes

Recommendations on how to brew the root of ginger can be found a lot. The difference, basically, is how long it takes the root to insist. If you want more strong and rich tea, then gulf of ginger with boiling water, you can insist it in a thermos for ten hours. For this drink, you need a root of ginger (10 grams, fresh and not dried, grated or finely chopped.) Boil three glasses of water and put ginger in a thermos, pour boiling water.To make the tea even more fragrant and useful, add mint leaves or lemon balm.This curative tea for weight loss, it is more convenient to brew at night.It is better to drink it warm, in the morning on an empty stomach and before each meal for half an hour.The total quantity of the drink consumed must amount to a liter of one and a half.

Another recipe for tea to get rid of excess kilos, with the root of ginger, involves the addition of green tea and lemon. This drink also has a toning effect. Green tea is brewed in the teapot, as usual. Then, rubbed ginger on the grater (1-2 tablespoons), pour one lemon juice. We unite and insist in the thermos for two hours. To be stronger, you can also four hours. The rules of reception are the same as in the previous version - in a warm form and half an hour before meals. At a time we take 150 ml of a drink.

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A combination of ginger and dogrose acts very effectively on the body. In addition to losing weight and acquiring harmony, such healing tea can also improve the condition of the skin and hair, even strengthen immunity. The cooking technology is similar to the previous ones - pour boiling fresh crushed ginger (1-2 tablespoons) and rose hips (100 grams). We insist on a thermos couple of hours. Drink a glass or a cup, also before meals for half an hour.

If there are no scales, then the amount of ginger root can be calculated by centimeters. We cut three or four centimeters from the whole average root, crush it, pour it into an ordinary teapot, fill it with boiling water for 20 minutes, add lemon, honey and drink this tea several times a day.

Special Recommendations

When the possibilities of purchasing fresh ginger root are limited, then ginger can be used in dried form. The amount of such a powder by one and a half liters of water is reduced to 0.5 tablespoons.

In any drink with the root of ginger, you can add honey. This will only improve its healing properties.

Ginger can simply chew before eating. This helps improve the digestion process, which in turn leads to weight loss. To do this, you need a very small piece, which we cut off from the fresh root.

During the ginger diet, you must limit the intake of foods that are rich in carbohydrates, to refuse fried and fatty foods. We add fresh vegetables to our diet. You can enjoy fruits, both fresh and dried fruits. Porridge is better from whole grains to cook. You can meat and fish, only low-fat varieties.

If your body is prone to allergic reactions, especially citrus, you should, after all, get the doctor's advice. Hypertonic also need to adhere to the ginger diet with caution, as ginger has the feature of increasing blood pressure. With exacerbations of any diseases of the stomach, intestines, or gallstones, caution also does not interfere. And in these cases, it is better to consult a doctor.

Ginger diet will work effectively for one or two months. Then we take a break and after a few months, if this is necessary and there will be no contraindications, we can continue this healing marathon.
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