Kefir diet - features, recipes and reviews

Kefir diet

Kefir diet - features, recipes and reviews
Kefir diet - features, recipes, and reviews
This product has won its special qualities with a special attitude and increased attention for a long time. Fundamental studies of kefir, and it is about him, and the proof of his enormous benefit to the human body, was provided by the famous scientist Mechnikov I. He, as far back as 1908, published an article entitled "A few words about sour milk".

The scientist himself included regular sour-milk products in his menu. And his research, scientific work, all scientific activity was aimed at combating premature aging.

What yogurt is useful?

There is such a thing as a probiotic effect. It consists in the fact that some products have a very beneficial effect on the intestinal microflora. And if you take in general, then the entire metabolism in the human body. The substances found in kefir, entering the intestine, prevent the reproduction of putrefactive bacteria, which, with unhindered existence, decompose the intestinal protein. The so-called decay products are very harmful, even poisonous. They settle on the walls of the intestine with a thin film, poisoning the entire body, leading to premature aging.

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Thanks to its medicinal properties, yogurt can resist not only intestinal, but gastric, and even tuberculosis. It serves as an excellent immunostimulant. Has a mild sedative and diuretic effect.

Features of kefir diet

Those who are going to start a diet kefir, you need to know that this product leads to cleansing the body, freeing it from toxins, improving the intestinal microflora, other health processes. But besides many useful components, there are other components in it. For example, ethyl alcohol. Than kefir, so to speak, older, the greater the amount of this substance. So in a three-day kefir contains 0.88% of ethyl alcohol. In addition, kefir has an increased acidity. All these features should be paid attention to people with diseases such as gout, rheumatism, rickets, fullness, and those with increased gastric acidity. Take the advice of a dietitian doctor who will help in this case to make the right decision.

When kefir diet is shown to you, then during it's not recommended to use diuretics and laxatives. It can be dehydrated. Use a moderate amount of fluids, because the body will use the fluid that has accumulated in the fatty deposits. Take kefir preferably fresh - one-day. After exiting the kefir diet, taking probiotics for a while is recommended.

Varieties of "Kefir diet"

Popularity and amazing properties of kefir led to the fact that there was not one, but many kefir diets. And you can pick up individually, given the taste buds, lifestyle, even, the time of year.

Kefir diets for 3 days

The simplest, but at the same time, for many can be the most difficult - a three-day diet. This mono diet, as it is also called, involves eating all three days with only one kefir. Evenly distribute one and a half liters of fresh kefirchik for the whole day and, trying to stick to our previous basic meals, we drink all the useful and invigorating drink. Weight loss, thanks to such a diet, supposedly three kilograms.

You can also add cottage cheese to yogurt. Distribute 300 grams of cottage cheese and 750 grams of yogurt for six meals a day.

Kefir diets for 5 days

The options for the next kefir diet are five days, a few. You can divide every day into two-hour intervals and every two hours, starting at seven in the morning, take the products in approximately this order:

  • a glass of tea without sugar;
  • carrot salad with sunflower oil (2 carrots);
  • meat lean - 200 g;
  • one apple;
  • boiled egg;
  • an Apple;
  • prunes (10 pieces);
  • one glass of kefir

All five days must be maintained in this order and in such proportions.

Kefir + fruit, another kefir diet, designed for 5 days. This option involves about a kilogram of fruit per day and about one and a half liters of kefir. Kefir must be fresh and not fat, and fruits are any, except grapes and bananas.

Kefir diets for 7 days

They say that such a diet was tested by the singer Valley L. Representatives of the older generation remember her transformation from a plump beauty, into a beautiful woman. The last meal, with such a diet, should end at 18.00.

Products for the day can be distributed, so to speak, at your own discretion. It is advisable not to change their order within a week.

  • On the first day - five boiled potatoes, and "in a uniform" and three glasses of kefir.
  • The second is sour cream (200 grams), plus three cups of kefir.
  • The third is cottage cheese (200 grams) and kefir (3 cups).
  • Fourth - a pound of lean chicken meat, cooked without salt and half a liter of kefir.
  • The fifth - or apples (about 1 kg), or prunes (300 grams), or carrots 500 gr. In the diet, add the same kefir (3 cups).
  • The sixth day is completely kefir. We drink six glasses of this wonderful product.
  • On the seventh day, we dispense with a liter of mineral water without gas.

Another seven-day diet also includes 5 potatoes cooked on the first day; the second - 100 grams of boiled chicken meat; the third - 100 grams of any low-fat boiled meat; the fourth - 100 grams of fish, also boiled; the fifth - fruits or vegetables (exclude potatoes, grapes, bananas). Every day you have to drink a liter of one and a half yogurt. The sixth day is only 1.5 liters of kefir. And the seventh is only mineral water. Every day in the morning you can drink tea or coffee without sugar. During the day, herbal teas, drinking water.

It is necessary to get out of such diets gradually. And you can apply them repeatedly, only to withstand about a month. Kefir is recommended to drink further, with the usual diet.
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